Images from Summer – Part 1

It’s been a crazy summer: New baby, adjusting to new rhythms of life, working, etc. In essence, it’s probably one of the least productive summers for me photography wise, as I haven’t really managed to get out and just do a photo shoot.  That said, I have been lugging my camera around, and have managed to take pictures as I go. I have a lot of family photos, and will include some here, but will save most for another post.  These are just a few selections from what I’ve accumulated over the past few months.  Please feel free to contact me about prints if interested.

Into the Mist – Deception Pass

We were hiking in the Bowman’s Bay area and happened to drive by Deception Pass at just the right moment. I pulled over, grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. I’m not sure which of these I like better, but I know that both would look great as an enlarged, 32″ canvas wrap.

Heliotrope Ridge

Heliotrope Ridge leads through wooded switchbacks for most of the way, but the trail abruptly gives way to this amazing glacier.

Sunset Along the Pier

Fog Rolling In

Vanishing Horizon

Stars & Trees

The following pictures were taken while camping with Aaron and Ami Bryant and our two families.  Aaron and I got a little crazy messing with long exposures and the flash gun.

Musician’s Hands

This hand belongs to my brother, Joey, who actually built the classical guitar you see him playing. I am still blown away at not only the incredible playability and sound of my brother’s first home-made guitar, but also at his ability to play it.  I shot this while we were trying to throw down a few recordings.

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