Photography on the “Rock!”

I recently enjoyed one of my most unique photo opportunities to date. My good friend Aaron Bryant asked me to accompany him on a couple climbs on Mt. Erie in order to provide photographs for the newly revised Mt. Erie guidebook, “Rockin’ on the Rock.” Aaron, in partnership with Jim Thompson, have put many hours into this new edition. I received my copy last week, and let me just say, it is incredibly well done.  rockOriginally compiled by the late Dallas Kloke, Bryant and Thompson remained true to Kloke’s original work, while providing more resources, photographs, additional climbs, and more.  The book was just featured on the front page of the Anacortes American, and you can read about it HERE.

I am somewhat ashamed to say, this was my first time out rock climbing. It was an incredible thrill, and I can see how easily one can get sucked into the draw of the climbing community. Having Mt. Erie, with its 400+ available climbs, just 15 minutes from my front door, is truly a blessing.

In any case, I believe there were three photos of mine that made it into the book, along with many other epic photographs from numerous photographers.  It was great to be a part of something beneficial to the community in this way, and if anyone ever wants to hire me for a climbing photo shoot, I’m all in :-).

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