Tulips 2014

It’s the prime season for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival right now. I was able to get out in time for sunrise a couple of times. Unfortunately, the second time was cloudy and there weren’t many keepers. However, the experience was priceless because I woke my son Liam up at 5:45am and took him with me. We stopped for some hot chocolate (and coffee) on the way, and I let him use my old (real) camera, which was pretty cool for him. Here are some shots from both days, and I’ll also throw in some other keepers from past years as well.

Some older shots…

2 thoughts on “Tulips 2014

  1. So beautiful, Michael. I’m glad I took time to explore your entire website, which I enjoyed immensely. God has truly blessed you with incredible talent – and an equally incredible family. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Michael, the photo “Tulips 9″, how large can you enlarge that shot? 20″ X 30”??? I love that print!!!! Can I purchase a print that size and what would the cost be? That would be sooooo gorgeous on my family room wall. Your photos are amazing!
    Claire Ingstad

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