33% OFF Canvas Prints through Sunday

Looking for a unique gift for someone this Christmas? How about some local art! I realize this is a bit late notice, but there is a BIG sale going on through the end of today for Canvas Prints. Choose any print on this web site, either from the Galleries, or Blog.  Here’s a Price Breakdown – Prices include shipping:*
Click Here for ordering instructions, or give me a call at 360-333-7549


Size: Regular Price Sale Price!
8X10 $150 $99
11X14 $165 $109
16X20 $200 $132
16X24 $215 $141
20X24 $240 $158
20X30 $250 $165
24X36 $285 $188

*There are more sizes available. Also, some sizes will be custom, as the prints are more panoramic, etc. This list will give you an idea of the range of the sale price.

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