“Patriotic Whale” Chosen as One of DPReview’s “Best Shots of 2014.”

DPReview Best of 2014http://www.dpreview.com is a go to source for all camera related information. It features comprehensive gear reviews and technical breakdowns, along with blog articles and much more. Recently they held a competition of sorts and asked readers to submit their best shots from 2014. Winners were selected for three categories, with 13 – 15 winners in each category.  Over 1400 total pictures were submitted. I was fortunate enough to have a submission chosen.  What a cool feeling!  The name “Patriotic Whale” was chosen based on a friend’s comment on Facebook about the shot – she noted that the stripes on the humpback’s throat almost have an American Flag kind of pattern.

To celebrate, I’ll take 35% off a canvas print of any size through tomorrow.  Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll work out the specifics. You can use the Order Prints form, or just text me at (360) 333-7549.

close up humpback whales\

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