Real Estate

Branding matters. Sure, in a hot market, you might be able to sell a home with a few cell phone snaps, but consider the long game: People associate (consciously or subconsciously) the quality they see with the name attached to it. Keeping the quality and style of your listings consistent will help you develop a refined portfolio over time, building your name and brand. The payoff is worth the investment.

Utilizing a combination of on-site lighting, multiple exposures, and software blending, I have been refining techniques to ensure that colors are true, verticals are straight, exposure is balanced, and things look natural – not overprocessed or exaggerated. Turn-around time is usually 1 – 2 days.


Cost-effective and fast.
HDR Method.
Recommended for basic listings
and fixer-uppers.
Most recommended for
the average home under
3000 sq ft.
Combination flash-ambient and
HDR methods:
Using flash-ambient for “showcase” rooms,
HDR for more basic areas.
Recommended for high-end,
luxury homes.
Flash-ambient method showcasing every room.
15-20 Delivered Photos.15-25 Delivered Photos.20-30 Delivered Photos.


Provide aerial vantage points to showcase
property, surrounding neighborhood and
geographical features.
Schedule the shoot during twilight hours
or return to the location at that time
for a special set of exterior images that capture
the property with that magical evening glow.
Digitally replace boring skies
to add some color and drama
to exterior images.
A short video, set to music, featuring
aerial drone footage as well as
on-the-ground walk-through footage
of the house and property.

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