Snowshoeing with the 7D & iPhone 5

I had a great Saturday a couple of weekends ago with my friends Mark and Braxton. We drove to the upper lodge of the Mount Baker ski area and from there climbed up to Artist’s Point (the now buried parking lot – we didn’t actually go out onto the point). From there we summitted Table Mountain – something I would not recommend doing without some proper gear.

I brought my Canon 7D, and my iPhone 5, and had a good time testing out some of the photographic features of both. First, we took some time to utilize the fast burst rate of the 7D to capture some jumping shots. That was fun, but I was also interested in testing out some of the features of the iPhone 5.  In short, the camera on the iPhone works great as a basic point-and-shoot camera.  I would not look for quality in low light, and of course it won’t compare to the quality of a DSLR.  I was, however, highly impressed with the quality in good lighting conditions, and with the panoramic feature. The iPhone seamlessly and instantly stitches together a high-rez panoramic that could easily be enlarged to a 4′ canvas print and still retain good quality.  I was impressed. Here is a sampling of some of the shots of the day:

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