Motion Blur

Capturing motion blur in an image is a handy technique for giving a sense of movement, and also setting apart the subject from the background.  Here are a few techniques to help get the shot just right: Plan to photograph a moving subject - your kids on bikes, a car, runner, etc. Use a zoom … Continue reading Motion Blur


Photo of the Day

Tried out a technique called focus-stacking at a bluff near Bowman's Bay.  This is a combination of multiple photos, each with different areas in focus, then combined in photoshop. I shot this on my 6D with a Tamron 11-18mm Wide angle lens. The lens is meant for APS-C sensor cameras, but at 15-18mm, the black … Continue reading Photo of the Day

Snowshoeing with the 7D & iPhone 5

I had a great Saturday a couple of weekends ago with my friends Mark and Braxton. We drove to the upper lodge of the Mount Baker ski area and from there climbed up to Artist's Point (the now buried parking lot - we didn't actually go out onto the point). From there we summitted Table Mountain … Continue reading Snowshoeing with the 7D & iPhone 5

climbing on glacier

Photo Tip of the Day: What Makes this Photo Work… And What Doesn’t?

This picture was taken while on a hike up Heliotrope Ridge, Mount Baker. Forested switchbacks suddenly give way to a ridge that looks straight across a chasm at the glacier you see here.  Hikers can follow the ridge all the way around (to the right) until it ends at the glacier, from which they can … Continue reading Photo Tip of the Day: What Makes this Photo Work… And What Doesn’t?